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Software production

Converting ideas into online technologies and launching a new startup is a mixture of visual and visual art along with the knowledge of software implementation.


Development Process

It is the organization of activities to build a system

Management Process

Selection of people, equipment and processes to develop a system and control and monitor

Maintenance Process

control and support of the software after its production

Our Service

Maybe you imagine that you can meet your needs with the software in the market, but not all your needs are always completely met. Everyone needs custom software based on their business and organization strategies. Also, in some When a customer’s need is so unique and special that there is no software in the market to meet that need. It must be programmed and implemented based on the specific needs of that company or organization.

Advantages of custom software

Using the latest and most efficient programming tools in the world, our engineers are always creating creativity and innovation in order to produce competitive products with low prices and very high quality (according to global standards). Our goal is to use the latest achievements of software knowledge in the world in order to meet the software needs of various businesses and industries in the production and development of customized software.

Payment of 30% of the contract amount at the time of signing the contract (the project will not be implemented until this amount is paid)

Payment of 50% of the contract amount at the software testing stage

Payment of the remaining 20% ​​of the contract amount upon delivery of the final version of the produced software

software production

By producing software, based on your needs and desires, it surpasses your competitors by several steps. Improving your business is the main goal.